Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oddly Cute and Whimsical Figures from Debra Broz

Debra Broz is an American artist from Missouri, who creates porcelain figurines that succeed in being both creepy and filled with whimsy. Deers, bunnies, birds, and mice all take on mutations and deformations while remaining adorable. I absolutely love her strange little creatures!

From her 2008-2011 series "Oddities":

For more of her "Oddities", and of her work in general, please visit her official site HERE

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  1. I am dying to get myself one of these figurines! Thank you for showing me this *hugs*

  2. These are so awesome! I have seen a few other of these kinds of odd kitchy porcelain artist figurines before and I just love looking at them. They're something so beautifully unsettling about them!