Friday, September 30, 2011

Notable iPhone/iPod App: Post Secret

Post Secret: 1.99$ Apple App Store, have been using it for two weeks.

For anyone who isn't aware of Post Secret - From wikipedia: "Post Secret is an ongoing community mail art project, created by Frank Warren, in which people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. Select secrets are then posted on the PostSecret website, or used for PostSecret's books or museum exhibits. The concept of the project was that completely anonymous people decorate a postcard and portray a secret that they had never previously revealed. No restrictions are made on the content of the secret; only that it must be completely truthful and must never have been spoken before. Entries range from admissions of sexual misconduct and criminal activity to confessions of secret desires, embarrassing habits, hopes and dreams.".

The Post Secret app is basically this, except that you can post as much as you like and instantly. It's all anonymous, just like the original website.

When you first go into the app, it's going to bring you to the day's top "hearted" secrets. You can also click to see the top secrets from the week and all time. By clicking the secrets, you can see them full-screen, "heart" them, view replies and reply yourself.

My favorite is going to "latest", so I can watch and reply as the secrets come in.

You can also go by location, scrolling through the map and choosing locations to view secrets from. I was surprised by how many secrets were coming from my own province and city!

Posting your secrets is easy and really straight forward: You simply click the camera icon, and you can either choose to take a new picture or one you have saved to your phone.

Choose your text style and type your secret.

Position your text.

Choose a location for your secret. You can be vague or very specific.

You can then view your completed secret and submit.

Once submitted, it's going to show up in the "latest" feed for other members to view and reply to.

The pros of this app: I love seeing everyone's secrets! The community is very active and there are constantly new ones to view. I also love that I can anonymously post things I want to say but maybe can't under normal circumstances. The app is easy to use and very straight forward.

Cons: It can be glitchy. I've had secrets I've posted disappear, or have the location show up incorrectly. Sometimes replies to secrets will show up under the wrong one. Also, the anonymity can bring out the worst in people, with mean-spirited secrets and replies. I've also experienced two updates now, and both times have required re-installing completely because of crashing.

Overall, I think this is a great app. I love the ease of use, and I love seeing everyone's secrets. I highly recommend Post Secret!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday!

Yes, it's no longer on Tuesdays. Anyhow! This week I'm into classical art and ballerinas:

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Death on my Balcony

The other morning I woke up early, it was my day off (not super early, 10am, so earlier than I would ordinarily arise on a day that I don't have to work).

I went downstairs, turned on the kettle for my first cup of tea, (on my days off I'll start my day with tea, if I'm working I'll have coffee), and turned to see my Kittie sort of pawing at my balcony door. It was strange because usually he greets me when I get up, and he wasn't paying me any mind at all.

So I went to see what was so interesting, and found this: a sweet little yellow bird dead on the balcony. It didn't have wounds, so I think he must have hit the window. I checked to see if maybe he was just knocked out, but sadly that was not the case.

So I took some photos for my own personal birdie memorial photos, and then placed him in a floral-print box from a Betsey Johnson watch, with some fabric and some bird seeds. I buried him in the yard, and marked his tiny grave with stones.

I don't know. It's a little death but it made me sad.

Goodnight sweet little birdie.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Another week of busy life schedules interfering with my blog schedule :(

I'll be back to posting "Favorite Snaps" on Mondays, "Inspirations" will be moved to Wednesdays, and hopefully I'll be able to fill in the in-betweens with trends etc.

I've also bought a few iPhone apps and have been using them, so I'll have some reviews for them as well. ( I find it hard to find apps that appeal to me ).

I'll also be adding little things like nail polish tests too.

Here's to getting back on track!

( The beautiful illustration above is by one of my favorites artists, Yoh. )

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Favorite Snaps of the Week!/Update

My first week getting back from Montreal has been hectic, and as a result my blog posts have been almost non-existent. Hopefully this week I can remedy that with some hauls and fall trends!

But today is Monday, and that means Favorite Snaps of the Week! Here we go:

Kaori, Grimoire Almadel blog. Simple and cute. I love her red socks and bowler hat.

A classic Heri look, from the Grimoire blog.

Also ladies and gents: I'm always looking for more sources for the favorite snaps. Do you dress in dolly? If you'd like to be considered, you can contact me at

If a snap is used you would naturally get full credit, and I would provide a link to your blog etc.


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Monday, September 5, 2011

Favorite Snaps of the Week

This is actually going to be " Favorite Snaps of the Last Three Weeks". And we have:

Heri from the Grimoire blog. Everything about this is perfect dolly kei to me. I especially live the rich colours.

Miyoshi, Grimoire Almadel blog. Just really cute.

Saki, Grimoire. I like the more mature route she took here. You could easily wear this to work or school.

Miyoshi again. I love the hat and the transparent skirt.

And...more Miyoshi! Everything about this is adorable. Understated and simple but the hat brings it to over the top!

Kaori, Grimoire blog. Just love this, great layering, again, love the hat!

Saki, stripped bloomers, enough said! From the Grimoire blog.

I think this came from shiftsnap. At any rate, it's crazy and amazing.

I know, I know, this is really more cult party. But I love it so I'm posting it anyhow. From DropTokyo?

Again, we're verging on cult party here but it's adorable and therefore being posted. From DropTokyo?

Goodness it was hard to pair this down to just these choices!

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Hello Darlings!/A Bit of Montreal~

After a few days of resting, I'm ready to re-join the "real world" (well, mostly).

So for the last three weeks I've been in Montreal for work. I meant to take more pictures, but like every other time I go on an "adventure", I get distracted and forget. But I do have a few! And some great shopping hauls to document this week.

My hotel was basically like a cute little apartment. By the end of my trip, it went from looking like this, to being covered in accessories, clothing, shopping bags, plushes, and Toki Doki unicorns, hehehe!

These weird little wall chairs were neat, so I made sure to sit on every one.

I love how everywhere you turn, there was history jutting out of the modern.

Panda Bar. I didn't go in because I like to believe that the inside decor was all pandas, with pandas everywhere, and bartender pandas. I don't know what that pink line is.

Awful blurry picture! There were vans everywhere with TVs on them blaring commercials. It was strange.

I just really liked this window display. Raccoons in tutus!

This was in the window display of a children's clothing store. Disturbing.

The outside of what must be the strangest vintage clothing store I have ever been in. Along with all the vintage clothing, there were mannequin parts everywhere, plushes covering everything, piles of lemons and real live bunnies. The few mannequins that were in one piece were creepy to say the least. And the owner looked like Santa.

I ate a loooooooooooot while I was in Montreal, but it seems these were the only food pictures I took. I ate one of these icecreams almost every day I worked, haha.

Other things of note: I walked by a bar that was all red-lit inside and had a giant monkey painting on the wall that looked like Hunter S. Thompson. And while I was on Sainte Denis, a punk rocker yelled "Justin Beiber sucks! Save the world man!" at me.

I wish I had thought to take more pictures! But I'll be doing a separate "Montreal Haul" post this week.

I'm so glad to be back!

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