Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday!...on a Wednesday...

I wasn't feeling great yesterday, so I ended up going to bed before posting my inspiration pics for the week. Anyhow, here we are:

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Favorite Snaps of the Week

I usually just choose two, but I have four this week because I couldn't choose.

Monday, Monday, here we go:

Miyoshi from the Grimoire Almadel blog. I just love the layering of this coord, and the use of solid colour as opposed to lots of pattern. A really simple and pretty look!

Sort of an understated look for Heri, and I lovelovelove this skirt!

This looks to be Miyoshi, at Grimoire Almadel. I love the prairie-esque styling.

And lastly, a Dolly boy from (his name is listed as Ryo). I love the neutrals and his Reinette et Mirabelle fox head.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

New Accessory Lines from Suppurate System

And...they're brilliant.

Literally just hours ago (thank-you Ryonai for having twitter!) Suppurate System's website revealed not one, but TWO new accessory concepts, available on both their Japan and international webshops!

The first "new" concept is actually a continuation of their Decadent Dark Tea Party line, which was released about a month and a half ago now (still waiting for my order :( darn postal strike!). Titled simply "Decadent Dark Tea Party Vol. 2".

It follows the same crazed tea party theme as it's predecessor, but with a slightly darker and bloodier edge. This line has a lot of...cookies. Bear cookies, skull cookies, doll head cookies, jam cookies, all covered with a coat of blood and dust. There are the same berry accents, and masks as the last line, but gone are the bugs and babies. We see a return to the use of tiny nails as an accent as well. It also includes eye patches, which Suppurate System are famous for, and were missing from the last line.

My favorites pieces from this line:

Doll Jam Cookie Necklace

Bear Cookie Crown Necklace

Corroding Apple Cage Necklace

Eye Parasite Apple Ring

Skull Jam Cookie Necklace

These are just so creepy, I love them! I'm undecided on what to get. Definitely that Doll Jam Cookie Necklace though, just too creepy to pass up! To see the rest of this collection, click HERE

The second line is s bit of a return to classic Suppurate System, called "Bloody Requiem". This line consists of three large cross (they look to be wooden) necklaces. And are inspired by bloody royalty and vampires.

The first one is called "ErzebetBathory Rosary Necklace Type-A", and is inspired by Elizabeth Bathory's murder of over 600 virgins to bath in their blood in a bid to sustain her youth. I love the inclusion of the little bottle of blood!

The second is also inspired by Elizabeth Bathory, "Type-B". Instead of blood, we have bone, a key, and rose petals.

Lastly, we have "Vampire extermination rosary necklace", complete with a Tony bottle of holy water and a sharpened end staking vampires.

I've never been one for vampires, but, oh my goodness, the first two are so beautiful and clever! Definitely added to my "dream item" list.

Click HERE for full details and to buy Bloody Requiem.

So what do you think about these newest releases? What are your favorites?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

20 Dolly Kei Must-Haves

I keep seeing "must-have" lists on different blogs covering an array of different styles, and I always enjoy them! So, I decided to put together one for Dolly :)

So, in no particular order, here are my "20 Dolly Kei Must-Haves":

1)A solid colour, knee-length dress you can layer over things and layer under things.

2)A detachable collar/oddfellows collar. Such an easy way to add layers and that "antique" detail.

3)A long beaded necklace.

4)An interesting, out of the ordinary purse or bag.

5)Patterned and/or lace tights.

6)Scarves. You can wear them traditionally, tie them in your hair, tie them to your purse, or wear them as a belt or shawl. So many uses!

7)A cross/religious icon necklace.

8)Flower hair pieces. Large or small, these are easy to wear and can really complete an outfit.

9)Knee socks

10)A simple, solid-colour or muted pattern skirt, again for easy under or over layering.

11)A simple blouse, short or long-sleeved, for easy layering.

12)A thick belt in neutral tones, brown or black etc.

13)Cameos. Easy to wear, and an easy way to add antique detailing, whether it be a brooch, ring or necklace.

14)Brooches. These have so many uses! You can use them traditionally, add them to a hair piece, to your purse, use them to alter the shape of a skirt or dress hem, pin them to a necklace! Completely versatile!

15)Simple flats/mary janes in a neutral colour. Easy to match, easy to wear.

16)Some sort of lace-up shoe or boot. Be it oxford-style or Victorian bootie, a vintage looking lace-up shoe will always work.

17)A headband with a bow. Again, just so easy to wear!

18)A "fur" item. It doesn't have to be real of course, and can be something as simple as a fur collar or tail, to something as attention grabbing as a stole or vest.

19)A tassel necklace or belt.

20)A vest/waistcoat or dirndl. Again, an easy way to add layers without even thinking about it.

So there we have it. Please keep in mind this is just my list, and they're just suggestions of items that in my experience, will allow for a lot of options and are great starting points for anyone new to the fashion. I'm not claiming to be an official expert :)

If you have any suggestions, please e-mail them to:

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Favorite Snaps of the Week

So this week we have:

Kaori, from the Grimoire Almadel blog. I chose this for the sheer simplicity and beauty of it. Not a lot of layers and the colouring is beautiful.

Next is Heri from the Grimoire blog. I chose this because I always love to see a coordinate where black is the primary colour. I love the goth-gypsy feel of this, reminds me of Stevie Nicks :)

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just for fun:

I was playing around with "Keep Calm-o-matic" and made this:

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday

Here's what has been inspiring my style this week:

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Favorite Snaps of the Week.

Oh look, Monday is now "Favorite Snaps of the Week". I'll just be posting a couple of my favorite coords from the last week and maybe a blurb about why Iike them :)

So, here we go:

Here we have a coord from Miyoshi, from the Grimoire Almadel blog. You don't generally see a lot of all white coords in Dolly, but this is simple and it works.

This is Saki from last week on the Grimoire blog. Posting for her use of floral shorts! Really, really cute, and an easy look to achieve since patterned shorts are so popular and readily available this summer.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dolly Kei for the Summer

It's getting warmer out. Soon it's going to be REALLY warm. And a style that involves such a commitment to layers like Dolly does, can be a little difficult to simplify, let alone make summer-suitable. But, it can be done! You're just going to have to re-think your layers, and what constitutes your layers.

*Firstly, say toodles to your tights. Or at the very least, bid adieu to your thick, patterned, textured tights. Instead go bare-legged, or say hello to the wonderful world of lace tights. A loose-knit lace tight is almost the same as a bare leg.

Depending on your outfit, you could also consider a fishnet as well. You could also opt for ankle, knee, or over-the-knee socks. I personally think ankle socks are a really cute look for summer.

*Let go of your layers. Keep it simple when it comes to your actual garments of clothing. Choose lighter and more breathable "summer friendly" fabrics like cotton. Choose a single dress or shirt/skirt combination and just don't add anything else to it garment-wise. One shirt, one dress, no cardigans, no sweaters, no heavy shawls, no capelettes. If you really feel the need for another layer, opt instead for things like a loose crotchet shawl, lace vest or a longer light fabric scarf you can remove easily if you get too warm.

So long as the cut/shape of your outfit fits the dolly silhouette, and the style/embellishments are there, you can still put together a dolly coordinate using less.

Mai is a really good example to look to when it comes to keeping garments simple and working with one layer.

*There's been a trend in Dolly the last little, of incorporating printed tops. You can easily do this for summer by doing this with a t-shirt. Band t's, lolita cutsews, experiment!

*Consider taking your hemline on the shorter side. The hemline rules that dominate lolita are not present with Dolly, so why not? That said, if you're not comfortable with that, consider maxi-length (super long) skirts and dresses in cotton as well. Maxi dresses and skirts are actually really cool in summer. And there's any number of style and lengths available in most stores now in great prints!

Another option is something you don't see often with Dolly, but that can definitely work. Vintage style shorts, harem pants, knicker-style pants paired with things like vintage sandals, ankle socks, tassel belts and suspenders are all workable options (I'll actually be covering pants/shorts with Dolly Kei in the next couple weeks).

*Use your accessories to add more layers. Wear multiple necklaces, brooches etc. to keep the layered feel while wearing less clothing. I also think the summer is a good time to experiment! Go a little more extravagant and avante garde with your accessories since your clothing will be so much simpler. Feather earrings, crazy hair pieces, tassel belts, maybe try a more "out-there" purse. All easy ways to add more layers, details and interest without adding more warmth.

Instead of wearing fur stoles, collars etc., add fur accessories like a tail to your purse or bag.

A single oddfellows collar won't add much warmth or weight, so I think they're an item that will carry though summer and add the distinct dolly feel to your outfit.

*Your shoes. I love Victorian-inspired booties and oxfords as much as the next person, but they just aren't the most comfortable thing in summer. Look instead to vintage-inspired sandals, bohemian wedges, peep-toes and cute flats. A lot of people would argue to not wear socks with sandals, but like I said before: cute ankle socks with vintage (or vintage look sandals) look very cute and very dolly.

Another thing you can add to make your shoes (and possible lack of socks and tights) more interesting, are "ballet socks", which can add such a cute point of interest.

You could also add things like bows, flowers or vintage shoe clips.

*Hair. Summer is a great time for up-dos, so experiment with braids and buns, anything that will keep the hair off of your neck.

To summarize, it's going to be easier and cooler to put the focus on your accessories, and keep your clothing light and simple. I'm not saying be boring, I'm not saying to wear summer colours or summer trends. But let your accessories do the talking and carry the dolly "feel" for your outfits in the summer months :)

*Gentlemen! I haven't forgotten about you here! Like the ladies, opt out of many layers and simplify with fabrics like cottons and linens. Over-sized cotton button-downs and tailored linen shorts can go a long way with the right accessories and a great bag. Suspenders and an oddfellows collar is also a super easy way to add layers without warmth. I know a lot of guys don't like sandals, so maybe loafers or oxfords with ankle socks or sockless could substitute :)

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