Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorite Snaps of the Week

My first pick for this week:

Saki, from the Grimoire blog. I love the unexpected layering of the animal-print top under everything, and the skirt with a high slit up the front. I wouldn't have thought that a skirt like that would work, but it does!

My second pick is Miyoshi, also from the Grimoire blog. I picked this because of the great summery feel it has. Great simple layering, and would be the sort of Dolly look that would easily work for hot weather.

I've noticed lately that the amount of dolly-kei pictures on fashion snap sites has dropped significantly in the past couple of weeks. Hopefully it's just a fluke!

And a couple of promos here for online Dolly-Kei communities on LJ. I know it's summer so people are busy doing summery things, but feel free to join in!

Dolly-Kei and Cult Party LJ Community

Daily Dolly-Kei (outfit snaps) LJ Community

Hope to see you there!

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