Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finds! Dolly-able finds from H&M

Three great finds in H&M today!

Firstly, these oxfords. Anyone who follows my blog or my Tumblr knows of my love affair with oxford-style shoes. I've never had a brown pair though! However, that is now corrected with these vintage-looking fellas from H&M. They look old, the brown is perfect, and they have great detailing. They're not leather but they easily pass for it. Comfy too!

39.95$ Canadian

Secondly, this bag. Again, I love the vintage and worn look it has, and it's big! It has three interior pockets: a zippered one, one for your mobile phone and another just big open one. Again, also really looks like leather.

The lining. Has horses. LOVE.

39.95$ Canadian

Lastly, a faux pocket watch necklace. Not amazing, but I love the domed top. I'll be adding some things to it to make it more interesting.

12.95$ Canadian

I was so excited to get these since lately I haven't been really finding dolly-able things at "regular" stores. I also think they'll work great with the Classic Lolita wardrobe I'm working on, and would also be nice for all you Mori Girls and Boys out there :)

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  1. Such great finds, and the pocket watch is great. It looks small enough that you could glue it onto a ring base.