Monday, June 20, 2011

20 Dolly Kei Must-Haves

I keep seeing "must-have" lists on different blogs covering an array of different styles, and I always enjoy them! So, I decided to put together one for Dolly :)

So, in no particular order, here are my "20 Dolly Kei Must-Haves":

1)A solid colour, knee-length dress you can layer over things and layer under things.

2)A detachable collar/oddfellows collar. Such an easy way to add layers and that "antique" detail.

3)A long beaded necklace.

4)An interesting, out of the ordinary purse or bag.

5)Patterned and/or lace tights.

6)Scarves. You can wear them traditionally, tie them in your hair, tie them to your purse, or wear them as a belt or shawl. So many uses!

7)A cross/religious icon necklace.

8)Flower hair pieces. Large or small, these are easy to wear and can really complete an outfit.

9)Knee socks

10)A simple, solid-colour or muted pattern skirt, again for easy under or over layering.

11)A simple blouse, short or long-sleeved, for easy layering.

12)A thick belt in neutral tones, brown or black etc.

13)Cameos. Easy to wear, and an easy way to add antique detailing, whether it be a brooch, ring or necklace.

14)Brooches. These have so many uses! You can use them traditionally, add them to a hair piece, to your purse, use them to alter the shape of a skirt or dress hem, pin them to a necklace! Completely versatile!

15)Simple flats/mary janes in a neutral colour. Easy to match, easy to wear.

16)Some sort of lace-up shoe or boot. Be it oxford-style or Victorian bootie, a vintage looking lace-up shoe will always work.

17)A headband with a bow. Again, just so easy to wear!

18)A "fur" item. It doesn't have to be real of course, and can be something as simple as a fur collar or tail, to something as attention grabbing as a stole or vest.

19)A tassel necklace or belt.

20)A vest/waistcoat or dirndl. Again, an easy way to add layers without even thinking about it.

So there we have it. Please keep in mind this is just my list, and they're just suggestions of items that in my experience, will allow for a lot of options and are great starting points for anyone new to the fashion. I'm not claiming to be an official expert :)

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  1. Such wonderful tips. I shall definetly put them into practice ^^

  2. thank you so much for your tips!

  3. I will add here a long cardigan in a neutral tone too, just for layered! But anyway it's a great list; thanks!