Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grimoire Almadel, OPEN!


Not a lot of pictures yet, but enough that we can definitely get a feeling for the decor. While the clothing carried in Almadel seems to be the same fare as the original Grimoire shop, the interior for Almadel is definitely lighter, less cluttered, and more...flowery?

Some lovely dolly girls waiting outside Almadel.

I'm trying to figure out who the new shop girls are! Edit: it does indeed to appear to be Mai, Saki and Eri.

Almadel also has it's own shop blog now, where you can find more pictures and comments on the opening:

And as I posted earlier, Almadel's twitter:!/GrimoireAlmadel

Heri, wearing an Almadel badge (she's changed her hair colour again too!), which were given to the first 100 customers.

I did a quick babelfish translate of the Grimoire blog entry on the Almadel opening, but unfortunately, it didn't translate in a way that particularly made any sense so I don't have much more to add sadly.

I am dying to see more though!

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  1. From the looks of it, it seems as though Mai will be transferring to Almadel, along with Saki(!) and newcomer Eri. I've gotta say, I'm personally stoked at the possibility of seeing more of Saki in the future.

  2. Saki absolutely has AMAZING style, completely with you on hoping to see more of her!

  3. Oh I'm so excited for this!! I love the aesthetic they're going for. I'll definitely check it out when I'm in Tokyo next week and see if I can report anything else for you :D

  4. Oh my goodness, you are so lucky! My travel plans were interrupted because of the earthquake and I haven't been able to reschedule :(

    I'm excited to see what you can find out though!

  5. I've been remiss, not posting any dolly kei stuff of late. Great to see that you are!!