Friday, November 5, 2010

Ray Ceasar

Looking at some work by my favorite artist, Ray Ceasar, before I go to bed (Is that wise? It'll probably give me nightmares, but hopefully of the lovely sort). My favorite pieces by him:

The Power and the Glory
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The piece below is sort of an image I can relate to. Which I'm certain sounds a bit weird, but...the girl has dainty china arms, they could smash. And like anyone who is an artist or uses their hands for their work, it kind of taps into a fear I have of something happening to them and me not being able to do what I love anymore.
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And...I just like this one. The bubblegum colours and the sinister look of it combined.
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Ray Ceasar's Offical website

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  1. Found your blog after doing a Ray Ceasar search. Love it. I'm adding you to my subscriptions.