Thursday, September 22, 2011


Another week of busy life schedules interfering with my blog schedule :(

I'll be back to posting "Favorite Snaps" on Mondays, "Inspirations" will be moved to Wednesdays, and hopefully I'll be able to fill in the in-betweens with trends etc.

I've also bought a few iPhone apps and have been using them, so I'll have some reviews for them as well. ( I find it hard to find apps that appeal to me ).

I'll also be adding little things like nail polish tests too.

Here's to getting back on track!

( The beautiful illustration above is by one of my favorites artists, Yoh. )

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  1. The artist you featured is not, in fact, Yoh :) It is Tama from Yoh has a distinct pen and ink drawing style

  2. You are completely correct. I was posting Yoh to Tumblr while I was posting here and apparently decided everything was Yoh. I did the same thing earlier with an Imai Kira illustration.