Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello Darlings!/A Bit of Montreal~

After a few days of resting, I'm ready to re-join the "real world" (well, mostly).

So for the last three weeks I've been in Montreal for work. I meant to take more pictures, but like every other time I go on an "adventure", I get distracted and forget. But I do have a few! And some great shopping hauls to document this week.

My hotel was basically like a cute little apartment. By the end of my trip, it went from looking like this, to being covered in accessories, clothing, shopping bags, plushes, and Toki Doki unicorns, hehehe!

These weird little wall chairs were neat, so I made sure to sit on every one.

I love how everywhere you turn, there was history jutting out of the modern.

Panda Bar. I didn't go in because I like to believe that the inside decor was all pandas, with pandas everywhere, and bartender pandas. I don't know what that pink line is.

Awful blurry picture! There were vans everywhere with TVs on them blaring commercials. It was strange.

I just really liked this window display. Raccoons in tutus!

This was in the window display of a children's clothing store. Disturbing.

The outside of what must be the strangest vintage clothing store I have ever been in. Along with all the vintage clothing, there were mannequin parts everywhere, plushes covering everything, piles of lemons and real live bunnies. The few mannequins that were in one piece were creepy to say the least. And the owner looked like Santa.

I ate a loooooooooooot while I was in Montreal, but it seems these were the only food pictures I took. I ate one of these icecreams almost every day I worked, haha.

Other things of note: I walked by a bar that was all red-lit inside and had a giant monkey painting on the wall that looked like Hunter S. Thompson. And while I was on Sainte Denis, a punk rocker yelled "Justin Beiber sucks! Save the world man!" at me.

I wish I had thought to take more pictures! But I'll be doing a separate "Montreal Haul" post this week.

I'm so glad to be back!

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  1. You must have looked like a bieliber haha
    That ice cream also looks delicious

  2. I don't know, lol! I was wearing my regular sort of clothing, which I didn't think looked very beibery, hehe.