Monday, January 17, 2011

Product Review: Claire's Gel Nail Artificial nails

I'm a big fan of artificial nails. It probably comes somewhat from my love of lolita. But I also think they can work well with Dolly Kei (and the girl's of Grimoire have been photographed wearing them, so :P).

Anyhow, I'm always on the lookout for new nails in new patterns and styles. I've seen the ones in Claires many times, but always avoided them. I gave in and bought these ones because the pattern was so pretty and delicate looking.

So I'm admitting right here: I pre-judged these nails. At 5.95$, I figured there was no way they were going to look as good, or last as long, as my 12$+ acrylic nails, or my 30$ nails when I get them done professionally. And I can admit: I WAS SO WRONG!

So the stats: the Claire's Gel Nails retail for around 5.95$. You get 24 nails in varying sizes (although I think these might not work for anyone with larger hands sadly), and bottle of Claire's brand "Pink" nail glue.

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Pre-judement that turned out to false #1: The nails will be too long! NOT TRUE! The nails are actually the perfect size for my hands, not long at all. So no need to file them down to a "human" size and messing up the pattern in doing so.

Pre-judgement that turned out to be false #2: These nails are cheap! The glue will be crappy! ALSO NOT TRUE! I've had these on since Friday. They haven't popped off all through: various mannequin changing, wall system changes, carrying around loads of clothing, opening totes of clothing, laundry, dishes, tapping them on everything, texting, accidently hitting them on things and use of various cleaning products.

Taken Friday:
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Pre-judgement that turned out to be false #3: These nails are cheap! They will chip and the colour/pattern will come off easily! NOT REMOTELY TRUE! Like I just said, I've had them on since Friday. The pattern looks as good as when I put them on, despite all the action they've been seeing. Not a bit of fade, chip or scratch to the pattern.

Taken today:
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I'm really happy with these nails! I will definitely be buying them again. Despite their price being so low, they've proven superior over my usuals. And, they are far more comfortable to wear then the acrylics I usually get, and look more natural. Yay!

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  1. Wow Thanks! I wanted to know how good these were! I'm glad that you are satisfied because I am running low on $$ I'm 13 by the way and looking to stop biting my nails (my summer goal) and acrylic nails seem to be my best bet because you can't bite them lol! I plan on buying those later today!!! I was going to buy that exact pattern anyway!!! lolol!!