Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY Dolly Kei Doily Necklace

Today I made a doily necklace to go along with my dolly kei outfits, and decided to document it so you can make your own as well. It's very simple and honestly only took about a half hour to complete.

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You will need:

-A doily (what size depends on how big you want your necklace to be. I choose a small-ish one so I could layer it with other things.)
-Some chain or cord (you could also use ribbon)
-Charms/any bits you'll want to add
-Jewelry pliers (you don't need these, but they make it easier to fasten connectors and things)
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I'm using a second-hand doily and charms and findings from Blue Moon Beads "Forged" and "Madame Delphine" lines.

So to start, decide on your placement. Figure out about where you want your items to hang before you start attaching anything:
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Once you've decided the placement, connect the pieces for your middle or "main" decorative section:
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You can then attach to the doily using connectors (as I did), or you can sew it down, depending on what you've choosen for pieces.
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VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you connect/sew your main piece to the doily securly on all sides. If you don't, the main piece will be too heavy and will pull your doily and make it hang funny. This is where I placed my connectors:
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So now you can attach your chain or cord. I suggest attaching it forst to one side, and then hanging it around your neck to easier decide how long to make it. Once you have your length, attach and close the chain to the other side. Voila! A very easy to make doily necklace!

And just to overview:
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You could also use this to make brooches, or by attaching a couple together you could make a bib necklace :)

I hope this proves useful! Enjoy everyone!


  1. This is adorable! I have a hatbox full of vintage lace stuff and I always eye the doily bin at the craft store but I never know what to do with them!

  2. That is SUCH a great accessory! Very olde worlde, in keeping with dolly kei, and the hand gives it a little bit of spooky edge :)