Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grimoire Almadel Debuts New Dolly Tights Brand, "Verum"

Today the Grimoire Almadel blog debuted the newest Dolly Kei brand from Grimoire, "Verum". Verum is a selection of tights in antique and vintage inspired prints, and they run in lighter and darker colours. 

These are the "Vitrail", a beautiful stained glass print, and definitely my favorite from the collection.

To see detailed print shots and the whole selection, CLICK HERE

EDIT: translate is now working! According to the Grimoire blog entry, the tights will be available in December and the prices are yet to be announced. 

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  1. Gahhh I want them so bad. I can't find a site to buy them from...sad face

  2. Did you know if can be buyed oversea? I NEED to have the vitrail ones!

  3. Those are the kind of thights I'm always looking for...T.T Too bad they won't fit me! I love the stained glass ones!

  4. Those look amazing..I want to know if you can buy them overzeas..

  5. Oh my goodness.... They are beautiful! I hope they'll be long enough for me XD

  6. I practically flipped out when I saw these on Tumbler XD They're completely awesome and I just really, really wish we would have more tight options like this ANYWHERE.

    I'd love to get my hands on a pair of these but I imagine they're very over my tight budget and I have enough of a problem with tights never quite being long enough for me.

  7. My translate just started working and according to Grimoire (which now also has an entry on the tights), they will be released in early December and the prices will be announced soon.

    I imagine the sizing would be much like Japanese socks and other tights, being "one size fits all". If that's the case they'll probably be on the shorter side.

    I REALLY want the Vitrail ones, they beat Celeste Stein tights hands down.