Saturday, August 13, 2011

Waiting for Autumn with Baited Breath.

I'm officially tired of summer. I miss all my layers, I miss my heavy scarves and fur stoles and collars. I miss thick tights!

I've been shopping and at this point everything I've been purchasing has been in anticipation of Autumn. New faux-fur pieces, heavy boots, sweaters and velvets. I even bought some gold eye shadow to compliment my new things. BUT IT'S STILL TOO WARM TO WEAR THEM!

I try though. Oh, do I ever. A faux-fur vest and full dress with petticoat in 30 degree (celsius) weather. But by the end of the day I'll have taken off a few things. A red heat-flushed face just isn't attractive.

It's been nice to see you summer, it really has. But I'm ready for dark colours and layers. I NEED my wardrobe back to what it is three quarters of the year. So please, exit gracefully summer. Give me Autumn back!

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  1. You can say that again. I've been craving all these things since july. Ever since it started to get hot, I've been dreaming of forest animal prints, fur, velvets, corduroy, and countless of layers. It was nice seeing you, summer. But please give back my beloved autumn and the rest of my cherished wardrobe.

  2. My heart is aching for my Autumn wardrobe at this point. I tried to do summery, I put in a good effort; did sundresses, bought a couple of cute wooden-soled sandals. I'm tired of it though, I want to cry!

  3. Fall is my favorite season for clothes! I found some gorgeous French faux fur to make a stole out of, so when fall is finally here I'll be able to wear it.