Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Favorite Snaps of the Week

I found this on the Grimoire blog, the colours and lighting are just so lovely, combined with equally lovely and contrasting coords. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I'm not sure of the photographer.

Secondly, a very different look for Saki from the Grimoire blog. The glasses = so adorable!

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  1. i have to admit i am kinda a saki fan, and even though this outfit is really different, i still love how she's un-afraid to mix it up from day to day. also, i love your blog, and i am really excited i found a fellow dolly kei fan! it's hard to find stuff for dolly kei in the states, so your blog has been an inspiration and a resource for me. thanks so much!

  2. Saki and Heri are probably my favorites since they tend to go a little darker with the look.

    And thank-you! I'm so glad you enjoy it and find it helpful :) And I love that so many Dolly Kei fans are appearing, it's fabulous!