Friday, August 5, 2011

New Accessory Brand Available at Grimoire Almadel

Brand new to Grimoire Almadel is "Vicious Sabrina", an accessory brand which integrates science, bone, insects, oddities and antiquities into medallion/medal-like brooches and pendants.

Each piece is unique, hand-made and one of a kind. The Grimoire blog calls them "surreal and delicate" and " a surreal world of little poisons".

Vicious Sabrina's site describes the items as "accessories of curiosity", which I think is a great way to describe them since each is like their own little cabinet of curiosities. In tiny scale of course, hehe.

Some of their pieces use actual bone and insect, while some of them have vintage prints as a centerpiece.

And of course, the Vicious Sabrina display in Grimoire Almadel is just as gorgeous as the pieces themselves.

Click here for the Grimoire Almadel blog post

Click here for the Vicious Sabrina Site

Click here for the Vicious Sabrina Blog

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  1. Such a great name for an accessories brand, and I love the descriptions!

  2. These are so goregous! I can't see the prices because the iPad and iPhone don't run flags but they look expensive! :) I love them though!

  3. Yeah, I'm on my iPod and I'm not seeing any prices listed. I'm assuming they'd be priced similarily to the Reinette et Mirabelle pieces.