Friday, April 8, 2011

New Grimoire Shop!

Exciting news! Announced today Grimoire's official blog, a second Grimoire location "Grimoire Almadel" will be opening May 14th!

There isn't a whole lot of information yet, as the post is mostly saying how happy they are to be opening a new location, but it sounds as though it will be an extension of the current shop as opposed to a new theme. No pictures yet but I'll be posting as I find out :)

Official Blog Post Here

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  1. Oh God. I was searching for dolly kei-inspired sets at Polyvore, and then I realized most of them (the best ones, also) were yours. I grabbed the link to your blog, which is awesome. Keep going, I love every single part of it.
    (and sorry for my bad English!)

  2. Hello! Thank-you so much! I am always so glad to hear that anyone enjoys my blog :) I need to start making more Polyvore coords, I miss doing it since my computer died.