Friday, April 15, 2011

Finds, Update

Firstly, still working on my "big" post concerning Dolly Kei, but it's coming! In the meantime...

I found a great source for ornate rings! Suzy Sheer isn't a place I would ordinarily shop, but I went in on a whim today and lucked out! They have a huge assortment of ornate cameos, baubles, and flowers that would be GREAT for dolly. These are the three I bought, the bauble and cameo were 2 for 5$, and the rose was 5.60$

This picture also highlights my super-fashionable (hahaha) burn I obtained ironing clothing to put on a mannequin for a display I was putting together for work.

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  1. Nice rings, I especially love the cameo ring.

  2. Thanks! Cameos are always classic, I swear they go with everything!