Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dolly Kei in all Black, Elizabeth

Because I love Polyvore, and because I firmly believe you can do Dolly kei all in black is you mix your textures and patterns right.

And I'm sitting here watching "Elizabeth", probably one of the best historical dramas ever made (in my opinion anyhow). Elizabeth details the early years and rise to power of Queen Elizabeth the First, played by Cate Blanchette. I'm not even sure how many times I've watched it. Amazing story, stunning visuals, there isn't anything I can critisize about this film. And the costumes, oh my goodness...

"Elizabeth" was followed by "The Golden Age", which documents her later life.


  1. This is defo somethng I'd wear!! (Well, not the ears on the cap, I'm a bit old for those) I love gothic and dolly kei so this fuses both for me. Well done :)

  2. I almost didn't add them, lol. I think I can still swing them though.