Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday!

I haven't done an inspiration post in aaaaaages! Thank-goodness I'm feeling inspired today ;)

Girly but quirky details. I'm really enjoying just throwing weird girly things into my outfits, whether it be a doll head brooch or a baby pink cross. Above photos from ridsnap and the Grimoire blog.

I'm in love with over the top prints. Juliette et Justine, you're just killing me at the moment. Any of these paired with a printed or lace tight would be amazing!

Huge necklaces, always. All together! From Tokyo Fashion, the Grimoire blog and the Flasco blog.

Whimsical/extreme eye makeup and hair. YES.

My nails will not be plain ever again! (I don't know the source of these nail scans, but I'll post the full pages at a later date, they're amazing!).

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  1. Hello Molly. I am not sure if you still remember me. It is me, Pharmacist IMVU. I just noticed today you have a blog. Well, I wanted to say happy birthday to you. I have a blog, but I do not know how to use it. We miss your creations on IMVU. will not you be back soon? Have a good day.

  2. Oh my goodness, hello Pharm! Long time! I'll be back at some point, I'm trying out some new things, busy with work as well. And it's been nice to be out wearing my lolita instead of just being online designing it :) But I'll be back eventually. Hope you're doing really great, and thank-you so much for the birthday wishes :)

  3. Can not wait to see you back to the developing. I know enjoying real life is much much better. But also, your contribution to the IMVU lolita community is unforgettable. I am doing alright! I hope you had a wonderful B-Day. See you soon. Hopefully I will learn how to blog as I want to add all the new stuff and meshes I recently created to one place others can check easier than the forum, facebook..etc. Oh, your blog is awesome by the way! And your picture says that you are a wonderful lolita.