Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Favorite Snaps of the Week

I have quite a few this week, to make up for my lack of posting lately :)

I love the colour in this coord so much! Completely unexpected and unusual. It almost has a sort of circus feel. I also really like the ruffle collar layered under the shirt collar. Kaori, from the Grimoire Almadel blog.

Miwako, also from the Grimoire Almadel blog. I love her hair piece, and this dress with the Verum butterfly tights. The vibrant green peeking out is a great touch!

Yukari, going back to a more oldschool dolly kei kind of coord. Lovely! From the Grimoire Almadel blog.

Miyoshi, from the Grimoire blog. It's just so light and airy!

Another white coord, this time from Kaori, and from the Grimoire Almadel blog. Just so cute!

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