Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Wishlist

I haven't done a "Wishlist" (aka things I'll probably be getting) post in a while, so here's what I've been eyeing lately:

Lace shorts! I don't wear pants, but I think I can do a cute pair of lace shorts. I think they'd be really cute with a printed or opacity tight, and the vintage feel would be right at home in dolly kei (or this black forest mori I've been looking into...).

A giant cross connector ring. They look scary, therefore I want one. Disaya Teddy Bear Necklace? They seem to be sold out everywhere *sigh*. Vivienne Westwood Skull Bead Necklace...also seem to be sold out everywhere *giant drawn out dramatic sigh*.

Juliette et jsk??? What is this beautiful madness? I'm not sure, but my heart and mind are screaming YES, and I'm not going to argue. Lastly, Jeffrey Campbell "Night Walks" in velvet. These are just so perfectly strange looking. I probably will fall over and die, but I'll have a smile on my face.

What has everyone been looking at adding to your wardrobes lately?

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  1. The shorts are so cute! I'd love to get a pair myself, but since my legs aren't exactly skinny, I'm worried I'd look too provocative...

    And wow, the shoes are so weird they're adorable. I just managed to find a reasonably priced pair of nude pumps with wider heel and ankle straps, which I wanted to buy for ages but couldn't find anywhere, so I'm super happy I managed to get them at last.

  2. If you die in those shoes, at least you'll die beautifully! I saw some really cute high waisted lace shorts in Urban Outfitters the other day. They were white but there might be a black version? They're too racy for me but I did admire them XD

  3. I think the key to keeping the lace shorts from looking "too sexy", is to wear something very demure on top. I think they'd look really lovely with a victorian-inspired blouse and solid tights. Or even a cute t-shirt and over-sized cardigan?

  4. I love those shorts, they kind of remind me of a nightgown but in short form. They look comfy and cute. Oh and those shoes are too cool, love, love, love.

    I actually have a cross connector ring. I got mine from Forever 21 a while ago...