Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Little Updates

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a lovely day :)

Firstly, I've added a search function to Strange Girl to make it easier to find things within my blog. I also added a few links within the "Dolly Kei Essentials" section in the sidebar.

Also within the sidebar...a Poupee Girl widget? Why yes! I've given in and gotten my own account. I kept seeing people posting pics of their's on Tumblr. I was very jealous of everyone's cute little dollies, so I just finally had to get my own. Click the widget on the side to add me, or CLICK HERE

Lastly, I recommend everyone take a gander at the latest entry at "F*ck Yeah Lolita", concerning the latest "film controversy". A little food for thought, click here. (For the record: I completely support freedom of speech, and I believe the filmmakers have every right have their film. My issue is with the film's poster, and the fact that the girl whose photo was used, was not told that it was going to be used for this).

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  1. I love the Dolly Kei Essentials on your sidebar! Especially the "20 must haves" I think the only thing I'm missing is a vest, I've been looking all over but having such a hard time finding a good one that is flattering!

    Thank you for the link to my newest post as well! I was actually really worried about making the post because I know it's not the popular decision.

    Thank you again! And I'm off to read more dolly kei posts of yours! I love the style and have been trying to combine it more with my Lolita style for the past year or so, so the links are super helpful :D I follow your blog but I've somehow missed these posts!

  2. Hello! I enjoy your blog so much!

    I'm finally getting my blog a little more comprehensive and organized. Hopefully the useful Dolly Kei bits will be easier for anyone to find now.

    It might not be a "popular" opinion, but your post is definitely one of the more level-headed and thought out reactions I think? I understand everyone is upset, and I think it is justified in many ways. But, I think everyone needs to take a step back before they react, and not play into the film directors hands. He wants people upset, and wants all the negative reactions he can get. I think everyone will understand what you're saying :)

    I love Dolly Kei with Lolita. Lolita is actually how I discovered the style. As I moved from gothic lolita into classic, I somehow found it. I really think the two styled compliment each other. Thanks so much for following my blog!