Friday, October 12, 2012

New from Grimoire: Verum "Classical Lithograph" Tights & New Shop Staff!

Grimoire certainly has been working overtime building up a tights catalogue! It seems like every time I take a peek at the Grimoire and Almadel blogs, Hitomi is announcing another beautiful selection to the Verum line (I am not complaining though!).

And so far as beautiful Verum tights, these are no exception, and exactly what the description would tell you: a lovely (if not simple) sheer tight with a beautiful "lithograph" style print in either black or white. While we're used to the Verum brand being a little more colourful and detailed print-wise, Hitomi says the simplicity of these are tights is "I tried to produce. . . Also easy to match any clothes with the image of a classic tights I should make working as a coordinating accent also easy to match any clothes really." So basically, they will match anything.

The tights come in four new prints: Angel Wing, Walpurgisnacht, Silent night, and Jardin de fleurs.

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"Angel Wing" is my personal favourite, but you can click HERE to view the entire Grimoire blog entry.

Also in Grimoire news today, a new shop staffer, Rui, has been hired! And of course, she's adorable! I had seen pictures of her earlier on Instagram, but it gave no clue as to who she was. I'm excited to see how her style develops!

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  1. All of the designs are lovely. I think that the Angel Wing tights are my favorites too.