Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is "Strange Girl"?

"How can you be so many women to so many strange people, oh you strange girl?" ~Sylvia Plath

Strange Girl is me, myself, talking about things I love. That being: fashion (dolly kei, lolita, and everything avante garde. A lot of days I live and breath clothing.), art, music, cosmetics, whatever.  I'll be posting about things I find, reviews of items I've purchased, music I stumble across, probably pictures of random things I find lying around. I'll hopefully put up some tutorials for various crafty things as well. Have I said I love lists? I love lists.

A little about moi: I'm obsessed with dolly kei right now. Not since lolita has a fashion made me fan myself from fear of passing out from the vapors (ha!). What I love about dolly kei are essentially the things I love about lolita. It's very striking and unique, and very elegant but still a little quirky. You can't be a wilting violet and wear these styles. List time! General things I adore: Old things, memorial photography, Ray Ceasar, rococo, the victorian era, the 1920's, keys, birdcages, dolls, staying in bed when it rains, cameos, cats and rabbits, interesting quotes, shoes, purses, tea, fine china, macaroons, sweets jewelery, recycling things, sugar, things that smell nice, talking really fast, cellos, 80's teen movies, Japanese television, BBC, old anatomy texts, art nouveau, bees,   And this:

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